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About The Forum / Registration
« Last post by Joseph on 2022-01-12, 12:01 »
Registration is now open. It works differently on this forum than many others:
  • Email validation is not used for registering new accounts.
  • A valid email form might be required by the software (I have not tested this aspect of registration), and it is suggested that a useful email address be included, for purposes of account recovery.
  • Upon registration, one can post immediately in the public forums and the Introductions board not visible to guests. Posts will require approval before they are visible on the forum to everyone.
  • After disclosure of religious affiliation in the Introduction (and anything else one might want to share), one will be assigned a membergroup which will open the rest of the forum up and remove the need for approval of posts.
Any issues, comments, or other need to communicate off the forum can be done with email at If the email addressed used to contact me matches the email address associated with an account, then it can be used to verify that one owns that account. But if it does not, there is no way to verify who is sending the email or owns the account.
About The Forum / Forum Rules and Policies
« Last post by Joseph on 2021-12-15, 03:19 »
Non Peccabis Forum is a forum for reasonable adult persons. The reasonable person standard is a legal fiction and not strictly defined, but it illustrates that not every little thing needs to be spelled out for rational people. Be reasonable, and comply with the following enumerated rules:
  • All members must respect the doctrine and moral authority of the Holy Catholic Church. Spreading of heresies, blasphemies, and anti-Catholic content will result in exclusion from the forum.
  • All members must declare their basic religious affiliation when they introduce themselves. The forum recognizes members of the Holy Catholic Church (Catholic), Orthodox Catholic Church (Orthodox), and otherwise non-Catholic (Extra Ecclesia) for the purposes of this rule and forum policy.
  • All members must not post any illegal, obscene, or grossly immoral content, which is informed by the relevant laws of the USA and Catholic moral theology.
  • All members must not compromise the integrity and stability of the forum, including the forum software itself, the hosting account, or any individual account of any other member.
  • Deception is considered demonic and attempts to actively deceive members of this forum is a grave offense. Don't share information you don't want to share. Members impersonating others persons with intent to deceive may be banned or be required to change their name.
Spammers, bots, and trolls will be banned.

Members who display grave spiritual problems on the forum, including evident scrupulosity, may have forum access restricted for their own good. This forum is not for spiritual direction and no member should treat any other member as a spiritual or legal authority and no member should present themselves as such. All advice is strictly personal and should be understood as such.

The fact that the forum is has boards not accessible to guests is not an invitation for gossip, calumny, or detraction of non-forum users. The private boards are intended to be kept private and the forum owner intends to keep any content posted in them at the same or greater level of privacy as when they are posted. However, the privacy afforded by this forum's structure is intended to prevent third party archiving and to dissuade trolls and spammers looking for a public forum to spread their "content". There is no expectation that the posts on this forum could not be made public by any user.

The forum owner uses the Catechism of the Council of Trent as a standard reference for matters which it addresses. The Summa Theologica is the standard reference for the theological topics it addresses, however, this is not to exclude other references from the Church.

This forum is not other forums. You can use whatever name you wish within reason and other forum activity is considered largely irrelevant to this forum. If you are active on multiple similar forums and wish to maintain a common identity, you may do so, however, no names are reserved.

The forum owner can be reached at

The boards not visible to guests will be kept as private or more as they are now. The forum owner will not change increase access to any board. If any board is moved to being more accessible, a new one will be created for this purpose to ensure that the visibility of posts is not increased.

The primary language of the forum is English and any other language should only be used when reasonable to do so on an English forum.

Policies Different From Many Other Forums

This forum is set up differently than most others. It is a standard SMF Forum installation, but the following might be considered novel by most forum users:
  • The forum does not require email validation for registration
  • Upon registration, users will have access to an Introductions board where they can post an introduction of their choice and thereby gain access to the rest of the forum.
  • Forum members are required to declare their religious affiliation, to the extent they are members of the Holy Catholic Church or not. Allowances are made for declaring oneself to be members of the Orthodox Catholic Church (commonly called Eastern Orthodox).
Unlike other forums for Catholic discussion, this forum does not have any ecclesiastical trappings in its layout. It uses the default SMF theme and it is structured as a social forum with individual boards created as needed for topics.

It is otherwise structured as a social forum for Catholic discussions. Premature board proliferation is avoided from the outset and new dedicated boards for individual topics will be made as the forum grows.

Forum members are given more freedom than most other forum installations the owner as used. Forum members can edit their posts and edit their displayed name. Forum members have control over their own content and presentation.

Moderation Philosophy

Besides removing the inevitable garbage forums can attract through bots, spammers, and trolls, the moderation of a social forum is simple.Fforum members with a common interest only need clear boundaries that are visible and enforced. There is no need for micromanagement.

People who deliberately leap over the boundary are asking to be excluded from the forum. Members who step over the boundaries or approach them too closely should be notified and warned about it. Reasonable members who wish to use the forum will respect that, and people uninterested in the forum will repeatedly violate the rules and eventually be excluded.

This requires only clear rules and enforcement of the rules and communication from any moderator staff. It requires minimal effort, especially for a small forum.

Conditions Under Which This Forum Would Close

This forum is intended to be used for a good purpose and its current state costs nothing more than the hosting of the owner's primary website. However, the forum would be closed or restricted under the following scenarios:

  • It becomes counter-productive, serving anti-Catholic purposes.
  • It becomes too much of a financial or legal liability for the owner (unlikely to happen without unusual growth).
  • It becomes impossible for the owner to maintain due to personal circumstances.
  • It becomes a spiritual hazard to the forum owner.

It is possible that the forum would be transferred to another if circumstances allowed for it and the members of the forum agreed to it.
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