Non Peccabis

Memento Mori Rosaries

Memento Mori and Custom Rosaries

I used to make, and still do on occasion, rosaries and other chaplets, particularly Memento Mori rosaries.

This is not a business. I make rosaries for the sake of the devotion and prayer. I can be contacted by email for any inquiries into making or fixing rosaries.

The Holy Catholic Church, the Rosary, and Other Devotions

I am a lifelong Roman Catholic and I believe in one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. This is a personal website to enable people to contact me. It is not a resource for Catholic doctrine or devotions. For the explanatory purposes, there is some information about Memento Mori and the Rosary, but should one desire more in-depth detail, I can be contacted directly..

The fullness of Christian Doctrine is very rich, and people who are not fully informed can easily be confused by aspects, particularly when it comes to devotions such as those which involve the Saints and Angels.

Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort writes in True Devotion to Mary:

Jesus Christ our Saviour, true God and true Man, ought to be the last end of all our other devotions, else they are false and delusive. Jesus Christ is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end of all things. We labour not, as the Apostle says, except to render every man perfect in Jesus Christ; because it is in Him alone that the whole plenitude of the Divinity dwells, together with all the other plenitudes of graces, virtues, and perfections; because it is in Him alone that we have been blessed with all spiritual benediction; and because He is our only Master, who has to teach us; our only Lord, on whom we ought to depend; our only Head, to whom we must belong; our only Model, to whom we should conform ourselves; our only Physician, who can heal us; our only Shepherd, who can feed us; our only Way, who can lead us; our only Truth, who can make us grow; our only Life, who can animate us; and our only All in all things, who can suffice us. There has been no other name given under heaven, except the name of Jesus, by which we can be saved.


If, then, we establish the solid devotion to our Blessed Lady, it is only to establish more perfectly the devotion to Jesus Christ, and to put forward an easy and secure means for finding Jesus Christ. If devotion to our Lady removed us from Jesus Christ, we should have to reject it as an illusion of the devil; but on the contrary, so far from this being the case, there is nothing which makes devotion to our Lady more necessary for us, as I have already shown, and will show still further hereafter, than that it is the means of finding Jesus Christ perfectly, of loving Him tenderly, and of serving Him faithfully.